Who We Are

MOJA specializes in system integration, application development, network management and intelligence analysis in support of the intelligence community and national level decision-makers.

We utilize systems engineering methodologies to assist customers in the design, implementation and management of their total system environment.

Today, organizations are looking for innovative ways to incorporate diverse technologies and business processes to improve their operation. They desire the ease and simplicity of integrating proven, off-the shelf products to provide cost-effective, risk-minimizing solutions. These solutions require the experience of skilled professionals to evaluate new technologies or to look for new ways to use established technologies.

Working with our clients, whether it’s new technology or established technology, critical success factors (CSF) are established for a given solution. Together, we establish Performance objectives for each CSF. A performance threshold is established for each performance objective. This approach allows us to measure the success of projects.

Our professional staff is experienced in the aspects of requirements assessment, planning, technology selection, and successful system integration. Our approach to Information Management solutions is focused heavily on the customer’s business process to ensure that our clients implement a comprehensive business solution – not just successful technology integration.